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Our Customers – The source of Inspiration for our Innovations/ Our clients are behind
every great idea and product

Inspired by the needs of our clients, our engineers have toiled to find the best solutions. This has given birth to many of the pioneering ideas of Kumud Metal Foundry. Our team is always ready to go the extra mile in the pursuit of excellence. Our engineers welcome one-to-one consultations with our customers and potential clients, to anticipate their needs and then explore ways to solve their casting problems in innovative, cost-effective ways in the areas of design, tooling and metallurgy. This ability to partner with our clients has been one of the greatest strengths of Kumud Metal Foundry.

Successfully meeting the customer’s casting needs means controlling the production process from manufacturing the castings, and machining the castings in one facility.

We are recognized throughout the industry for the personalized attention we give our customers. We fully understand that the dependability of our service is just as important as our manufacturing procedures. Our customers know they can count on us for on-time delivery of castings, ready for immediate assembly, without concern for casting defects identified during their expensive machining operations. Satisfying our customers in every aspect is always at the forefront of our business. That is why Kumud Metal Foundry has an enviable track record of repeat orders from clients like L&T, Grasim Industries, Hawa Valves, HD Fire Protect, Indian Navy, Shamvik Glass Tech., Godrej, Maharashtra Seamless Ltd, Pakona Engineering, to name a few.

Our dedication to customer relationships is evident by our ongoing training for our employees and education to improve their customer relationship skills.